Download project proposal – our project proposal submitted to the VW Stiftung

Blog post by Chris Pak – An exercise in visualisation: “model” seen through a network graph

Download Poster – Poster visualizing the project presented at DH 2016 in Krakow and at various events after that

Video of our Slam Presentation at DH 2016 in Krakow (thanks to Alex Czmiel acting as cameraman)

Slides of our poster slam presentation at DH 2016 in Krakow

Slides of our presentation at Hannover, 30.05.2017

Prezi of our presentation at Hannover, 13.06.2017

Poster – presented at: 7th AIUCD Conference: Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age. Memory, Humanities and Technologies. 31 January- 2 February 2018, Bari